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本文摘要:1、深窥自己的心,尔后觉察一切的奇迹在你自己。——培根Deep insights into their own heart, and then find all the miracles in yourself.2、先相信你自己,然后别人才会相信你。——屠格涅夫Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe you.3、生命在闪耀中现出绚烂,在平凡中现出真实。


1、深窥自己的心,尔后觉察一切的奇迹在你自己。——培根Deep insights into their own heart, and then find all the miracles in yourself.2、先相信你自己,然后别人才会相信你。——屠格涅夫Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe you.3、生命在闪耀中现出绚烂,在平凡中现出真实。——伯克Life in the shining in gorgeous, in the ordinary real.4、自信是英雄的本质。

——爱默生Self-trust is the essence of heroism.5、人生如同门路。最近的捷径通常是最坏的路。——培根Life is like a road. Recent shortcut is usually the worst road.6、世界上的一切庆幸和自满,都来自母亲。——高尔基All glory and pride of the world, all come from the mother.7、希望是坚强的勇气,是新生的意志。

——马丁·路德Hope is a strong courage, is the will of the newborn.8、幸福的人由希望援助。——米南德Happiness by hope.9、信心是人的征服者;它战胜了人,又存在于人的心中。——马·法·塔伯Confidence is the conqueror of people; It beat, and exists in the hearts of people.10、希望的灯一旦熄灭,生活刹那间酿成了一片黑暗。——普列姆昌德Suddenly the lights once out of hope, life into a dark.11、决议一小我私家的一生,以及整个运气的,只是一瞬之间。

——歌德Decide a person's life, and the entire fate, is just a blink.12、生命,那是自然会给人类去雕琢的宝石。——诺贝尔Human life, it is naturally to carve gems.13、缺乏信心并不是因为泛起了难题,而泛起难题倒是因为缺乏信心。——塞内加A lack of confidence is not because of the difficulties and problems is because of the lack of confidence.14、使用时间是一个极其高级的纪律。

——恩格斯Use of time is a very advanced.15、我们往往只浏览自然,很少思量与自然共生存。——王尔德We tend to enjoy the nature, rarely consider living with nature.16、意志是一个强壮的瞽者,倚靠在明眼的跛子肩上。

——叔本华Will is a strong blind, on the bright eye of the lame man's shoulder.17、世界上有许多好书,但这些书仅仅对那些会读它们的人才是好的。——皮丁There are many good books in the world, but only for those who will read these books their talent is good.18、想不支付任何价格而获得幸福,那是神话。——徐特立Can't think of any cost and get happiness, that is a myth.19、先相信自己,然后别人才会相信你。——罗曼·罗兰Believe in yourself first, and then others will believe you.20、希望至少是穷人易于获得的快乐。

——罗曼·罗兰Hope is the poor is easy to get at least happy.21、如果通过修养达不到提高鉴赏力的目的,修养两字也就毫无意义了。——波伊斯If through accomplishment cannot achieve the purpose of improving taste, cultivation of the two words is meaningless. 22、没有上天的云梯也就算了吧,但不能没有拥抱月亮的手臂。——刘墉There is no heaven ladder also calculate, but not without embracing the arm of the moon.23、阅读使人充实,谈判使人敏捷,写作使人准确。

——培根Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man and writing an exact man.24、我们若已接受最坏的,就再没有什么损失。——卡耐基If we have accepted the worst, we have no loss again.25、人生活的世界上好比一只船在大海中航行,最重要的是要辨清前进的偏向。——潘菽People living in the world is like a ship sailing on the sea, the most important thing is to see the way forward.26、生命是一张弓,那弓弦是梦想。——罗曼·罗兰Life is a bow, the bowstring is a dream.27、不要为已消尽之年华叹息,必须正视急忙溜走的时光。

——布莱希特Don't have as time sigh, must face up to in a hurry the time slip away.28、任何一个可信的原理都是真理的一种形象。——布莱克Any a credible reason is an image of the truth.29、坚强的信心,能使平凡的人做出惊人的事业。——马尔顿Strong confidence, can make the ordinary people to make amazing career.30、普通人只想到如何渡过时间,有才气的人设法使用时间。

——叔本华Ordinary people merely think how they shall spend their time; a man of talent tries to use it.31、虚心使人进步,自满使人落伍。——毛泽东Modesty helps one to go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind.32、青春是一种连续的陶醉,句子大全http://Www.1juzI.coM/是理智的狂热。——拉罗什富科Youth is a constant, is a passionate sense.33、人类的精髓,是心愿和希望。——齐佩尔The essence of human beings, it is desire and hope.34、扬弃今天的人,不会有明天;而昨天,不外是行去流水。

——约翰·洛克Abandoned people today, there will be no tomorrow; And yesterday, but is flowing water line.35、幸福在于为别人生活。——列夫·托尔斯泰Happiness lies in the life for others.36、我之所有,我之所能,都归功于我天使般的母亲。

——林肯All I am, I can, owe to my angel mother.37、人生有两个悲剧,一个是万念俱灰,另一个是犹豫满志。——萧伯纳There are two tragedies in life, one is desperation, the other one is hopeful.38、你若要喜爱你自己的价值,你就得给世界缔造价值。

——歌德If you want to love your own value, you have to create value to the world.39、恋爱埋在心灵深处,并不是住在双唇之间。——丁尼生Love is buried deep in the heart, not live in between lips.40、没有自由的秩序和没有秩序的自由,同样具有破坏性。——西奥多·罗斯福No free order and no order of freedom, equally destructive.41、时间就象海绵里的水一样,只要你愿意挤,总还是有的。

——鲁迅Time is like the water in sponge, as long as you are willing to squeeze, always some.42、时间是一个伟大的作者,它会给每小我私家写出完美的了局来。——卓别林Time is a great author, it will give each person to write a perfect ending.43、人的运动如果没有理想的鼓舞,就会变得空虚而眇小。


——车尔尼雪夫斯基People's activities without ideal, there is will become empty and small.44、伟大的事业,需要刻意,能力,组织和责任感。——易卜生Great cause, need determination, ability, organization and responsibility.45、生命不行能有两次,可是许多人连一次也不善于渡过。

——吕凯特Life can't have two times, but many people not even a good at spend.46、希望即是快乐,缔造即是快乐。——冰心Hope is happiness, create will be happy.47、生命是一条艰险的狭谷,只有勇敢的人才气通过。

——米歇潘Life is a dangerous cajon, only a brave man can pass.48、上帝为了赔偿人间诸般烦恼事,给了我们希望和睡眠。——伏尔泰To compensate all troubles on earth, god gives us hope and sleep.49、问渠哪得清如许,为有源头活水来。——朱熹Ask canal which had so much to have a source.50、我这小我私家走得很慢,可是我从不退却。

——亚伯拉罕·林肯I walked slowly, but I never retreat.51、人的一生,应当像这漂亮的花,自己无所求,而却给人间以美。——杨沫, one's life should be like this beautiful flower, for nothing, but to the human to the United States.52、社会犹如一条船,每小我私家都要有掌舵的准备。

——易卜生Society is like a boat, everyone has to have pilots to prepare.53、学到许多工具的诀窍,就是一下子不要学许多。——洛克Learn a lot of tricks, just suddenly don't learn a lot.54、一个伟大的灵魂,会强化思想和生命。——爱默生A great soul, will strengthen the thought and life.55、对于奋不顾身的人来说,没有失败这回事。

——俾斯麦For the persevering, no failure.56、希望是穷人啃不完的面包。——佚名Hope is the poor don't finish eating bread.57、当你的希望一个个落空,你也要坚定,要冷静!——朗费罗When you want one by one, you also be firm, be calm!58、从不浪费时间的人,没有光阴诉苦时间不够。——杰弗逊Never a waste of time, there is no time complaining about didn't have enough time.59、只有把诉苦情况的心情,化为上进的气力,才是乐成的保证。

——罗曼·罗兰Only you turn your complaints of environments into the strength to strive for the better is the guarantee of success.60、生活在我们这个世界里,不念书就完全不行能相识人。——高尔基Living in this world, we don't read was completely impossible to understand.61、青春是不耐久藏的工具。

——莎士比亚Youth is not durable hidden things.62、应当仔细地视察,为的是明白;应当努力地明白,为的是行动。——罗曼罗兰Should be carefully observed in order to understand; Should strive to understand, to action.63、勇猛、斗胆和坚定的刻意能够抵得上武器的良好。

——达·芬奇Bold, bold and determination can is worth sophisticated weapons.64、信念,你拿它没措施,可是没有它你什么也做不成。——撒姆尔·巴特勒Faith, you can't with it, but what you can do without it.65、扬弃时间的人,时间也扬弃他。

——莎士比亚Abandoning time person, time also abandoned him.66、不要回避苦恼和难题,挺起身来向它挑战,进而克服它。——池田大作Don't shy away from pain and difficulty, stand to it challenges, and overcome it.67、自尊不是轻人,自信不是自满,独立不是伶仃。——徐特立Self-esteem is not young people, confidence is not complacent, independence is not isolated.68、只有能够实现的希望才气发生爱,只有希望才气保持爱。

——奥维德Only can realize the hope to create love, only hope to maintain love.69、只要你抱着希望,死去的意志就会在你心田复生。——罗曼·罗兰As long as you're holding the hope, the dead will the resurrection will be in your heart.70、辛勤的蜜蜂永远没有时间的悲伤。——布莱克The hard bee have no time to sorrow.71、在孩子们的口头心里,母亲就是上帝的名字。

——萨克雷In the children's oral heart, mother is the name of god.72、价值发生信心,信心发生热忱,而热忱则征服世界。——华特·h·柯亭姆Value have confidence, confidence, enthusiasm, and enthusiasm to conquer the world.73、青年长于缔造而短于思考,长于猛干而短于讨论,长于革新而短于持重。

——培根Young for longer than creating, thinking, longer than the fierce for dry, discussion, longer than pragmatic innovation and shorter than.。